Item start/end date

Item start/end date

Since whooing aims to be recorded over a lifetime, each item has a life cycle so that it can change at each stage of life. Usually, when the item is created, it has that date as the start date, and if the item is no longer used, it is to end (this end can be canceled).

When entering or inquiring a transaction, the start date and end date of each item are compared, and only items corresponding to the period are displayed. The start date of each item and activation in the inquiry period are as shown in the diagram below.

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For example, if an item ends in 2018, it doesn't appear when viewed in 2019. Likewise, if the start date of the item is 2020, it is also not displayed because there are no overlapping segments. Conversely, if there is a date that overlaps even one day in the query segment, it is determined that it is active in that period and displayed.

The start date of this item can be modified by entering the edit of the item on the environment setting page.