Transaction item/client (parentheses)

Transaction item/client (parentheses)

날짜 아이템(괄호) 금액 왼쪽/오른쪽 항목
언제 어디서 얼마나 어떻게/왜

Specify information that represents the purpose of *where or why this transaction occurred. It is also a subconcept of an item in the information hierarchy. In other words, if there is Food Fee in the item, you can set a value such as Stock or Snack in this item. When you eat a 2,000 won hot dog, you can enter'snack' or'hot dog'. Then, when you look at the'Food Expenses' item later, you will see that 2,000 won is included as'Snack'.

There are some things to keep in mind when entering items. These item information are not set in advance, but the information at the level immediately below the item is classified. At that time, if you enter randomly, too many unnecessary subdivisions can occur. Therefore, it is recommended to enter the item information shortly and clearly. If you need additional information, separate them with parentheses and keep items neat.

Good example of item A bad example of an item
Snack (coffee x2)
Daily necessities
Repair tools (XN192-1, 2EA)
2 cups of Einspener with a friend
Camping equipment sales
Ladles, pots, and frying pens
Lending to Gapdol
2 repair tools XN192-1

Recognized as a customer

If the type of item is set as the account management item, the information entered in the item is recognized as the account. It is only used differently, but it should be short and clear in the same way as the item. This is because it distinguishes whether it is the same account or a different account based on the business name entered here like an item. If you entered'Gapdol', all transactions you enter later should also be named'Gapdol' to accurately measure the transaction details. If you enter'Gapdol', you will not be able to recognize whether the computer is the same customer. Please enter the same unconditionally and process additional information using parentheses.

For how to use a business partner, refer to business partners, pursuing strictness.

item suggestion list

The item/customer input field provides a function to easily enter the previously entered information according to the typed information. When you start typing letters, similar items among items/customers that were previously entered (within the last 18 months) are displayed. If you enter'coffee' often during a transaction, it will match just by typing a consonant, such as'ㅋㅍ'. You can click on the selection with the mouse, or use the key and on the keyboard.

Parentheses of an item

Parentheses are used to express additional information when entering items/businesses. When entering an item/customer, enter it with the ( opening parenthesis and ) closing parenthesis. Assuming that the item is'daily necessities' and the parentheses are'fountain pen', you can enter'daily necessities (fountain pen)' in the item/client field.

You can omit it if it is bothersome to enter the closing parenthesis. Both'Skewer' and'Skewer' are recognized the same.

automatic repeat input

This function is used when the same amount is repeated monthly for a certain period of time. Use symbols such as // or ** after the item and enter the number of months you want to repeat. For more information on how to use it, please refer to the automatic division input.