The amount of the transaction

The amount of the transaction

날짜 아이템(괄호) 금액 왼쪽/오른쪽 항목
언제 어디서 얼마나 어떻게/왜

Amount refers to the amount of money spent on the transaction. Just write the traded amount as a number.

Minus amount

By default, the amount is entered as a positive integer. For example, when there is a transaction of Cash +/Bank- for 100,000 Won, even if 100,000 Won is moved on the contrary, the positions of the left and right items are reversed like Bank+/Cash- to 100,000 Won. Do it. In other words, in doubles bookkeeping, the flow of money is indicated through the designation of the left and right items, not the sign of the amount.

However, in special cases, you can create the desired flow through minus. For example, cancellation of expenses or cancellation of profits. In whooing (for convenience) costs are forced to appear only on the left and profits only on the right. So, if you want to cancel or partially deduct a certain cost or profit, you can proceed with minus.

To make the amount minus, you can simply put the -symbol in front of the number on the keyboard, or enter the -symbol on the virtual keyboard in the case of mobile, or click the leftmost part inside the amount box if there is no.

hidden calculator function

When you enter the four arithmetic symbols in the amount, there is a hidden function that automatically converts it to a result. If you enter a symbol such as 10+20 in the amount field, it is automatically entered as 30.