Report search condition

Report search condition

This is the area to adjust the period to be displayed and the conditions that can be set for each report.

Manual period

Depending on the characteristics of the report,'Year-Month' or'Year-Month-Day' is displayed. Using the keyboard and , you can adjust the period slightly from before or after, or you can use the date picker by clicking with the mouse. And if you click'~' between the date fields, the two periods are matched.

Is it a little more convenient to select a preset period

You can also specify the date directly on the left side of the query condition, but this process is more cumbersome than you think. In that case, you can search with one click using the preset period on the right. In the rightmost column, you can search for relative dates based on the present. To explain the symbol, indicates the current, the arrow indicates the direction of time, and the number indicates the number of months. In other words, the period indicated by 1←ㅇ means to search the past 1 month from the present.

Move before/after

When you approach the inquiry condition area with the mouse, the quick inquiry button at both ends is activated. Pressing the left searches the previous period as much as the currently searched period, and pressing the right searches the period after the current search period.