Transaction input form

Transaction input form

This transaction input form can be called from anywhere in whooing by pressing the shortcut i. For a full description of shortcuts, see Shortcuts, Speed ​​Up.

This is the most central area on the transaction entry page. The actual transaction is entered here. Entering a transaction goes beyond simply filling out the information in the form and sending it. Transaction input is the act of setting an item/client for a transaction and matching any left/right item. In other words, it records changes in money and sorts them at the same time. For a general conceptual explanation of each component of this form (date, item, etc.), see IV. See how to enter.

The transaction input form is designed in the direction of filling in the items/businesses from the date on the left and the information on the right. If you enter from the left, the amount/left/right is automatically placed for the same input as the moment you enter the item/customer. In addition, since it supports keyboard input smoothly, you can quickly input by combining the tab key with the and keys.

You can turn off the function that automatically places the amount/left/right upon completion of item/customer input. Try tapping the chain icon just above the item entry box.

When entering left/right items, just enter consonants to see a list of suggested items. When a list of suggestions appears, you can quickly access them using the and keys on the keyboard. As the number of items increases, it is more convenient to select through this function.