Recent entries

Recent entries

The transaction entered in the transaction input form above is sent to the server, and when a response from the server stating that the normal entry is approved, it is added to the top right here. This list is fixed so that it is unconditionally displayed in the order of last entry. Regardless of the date of the transaction, it is displayed in the order entered, so you can check the recently entered information and prevent accidental duplicate entry, or enter only transactions since the last entry time.

At the top right of this list is a trash bin feature that allows you to recover accidentally deleted transactions. Recycle Bin only stores transactions deleted within the last 1 week.

Change the order in transaction input

To view the transaction details in the chronological order we generally think of, please use the Transaction History page. Separately, the order of transactions on the same date can be changed anywhere the transaction is displayed. You can randomly specify the order of each transaction on the same date by clicking'Change Order' on the right side of the transaction details.

Even if it is adjusted on the transaction input page, it is not reflected on the screen due to the basic sorting rule.