When you start whooing, you are basically starting from section 1 (Default). In fact, if you don't write a section, just log in and continue using the default section.

Item type to be automatically created

An option that can be selected when creating an item, and the type of item that is basically configured depends on this option.

section name

Name the section. This name is displayed as you enter each section and in the list.

currency unit

When this option is set, the amount of all sections in the section list is converted to the base currency and displayed at a glance. And by changing the base currency at the top left, you can change the amount of the entire list based on the currency of any other section.

The base currency is the currency in the default section at the top.

decimal point

You can display the amount in whole numbers only, or you can display it to two decimal places. This is simply a matter of display, and the actual data is unconditionally written to two decimal places.

date format

Most in Korea, the YMD format is year, month, and day, but you can customarily set a date input method that is more familiar to you. However, since whooing itself is browser-based, in the case of mobile, it may be changed to the settings on the device.


This option will color each section to make it easier to notice the difference as you stay. The color of the section first changes the color of the top navigation, and if you change the color for each section, you can see the color of the top navigation from anywhere and see which section you are in.


You can enter simple notes for each section. This memo is displayed when entering the first section, so it can be used as a kind of self-affirmation.